About nestaPPE

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Nesta Manufacturing is a proud Canadian company with our distribution centre located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We wholly own our production facility and have a proven track record for producing high-quality products and garments for more than 20 years. Fulfilling large-scale programs with attention to detail is our trademark. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, we have shifted our focus to produce an array of personal protective equipment in large quantities at competitive pricing. The time to act is now, as this precious equipment is in demand for not only our front-line workers, but for company employees and the general public. Protecting ourselves and each other is vital as we aim to flatten the curve of the novel coronavirus. 

NestaPPE has put strict measures in place to ensure that our dedicated team is working efficiently, smartly, and most importantly, safely. Our work areas are sanitized daily and all touch points are sanitized several times a day. Our team is equipped with proper PPE at all times and hand sanitizers are stocked.

At nestaPPE, we continue to monitor the trajectory of the virus and follow the recommendations of Health Canada.

Let's protect each other.